Not be used for any safety critical activity - you must ensure you are correctly trained and competent to carry out the relevant activity.

BETA version - This is a work in progress. It uses a limited Ordnance Survey as a base map, and displays mountain layers as icons with labels.

By default, the mountain layers are displayed, classed as unclimbed. You can change the icon by assigning the date the mountain was climbed, and save the layer to your device, after which you can read them in for future sessions. You can display all the mountains, and order them by clicking on the column header.

The data used are from the Database of British and Irish Hills v17.3

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Click on the respective mountain type colour under the Icon Colour or Label Colour column to select the colour for each individual mountain type icon or label.

You can also click on the Icon or Label Colour heading to change all the icon/label colours.

Or click on the To Do or Done headings to change all the the icons/labels To Do or Done colours.

NOTE - these changes cannot be undone without reloading the settings or the application.